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 My G.m Application..Sess

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My G.m Application..Sess Empty
PostSubject: My G.m Application..Sess   My G.m Application..Sess EmptyThu May 21, 2009 8:18 pm

Key name :Mr.Pleasure
User name :Sess
Experiance :I was a Gm on Bleachlife and on bleach:Ichigo's Resurection ,which has been takin down.I was vaizard leader, on blech into Darkness.I was Grass Kage twice on Naruto hidden shadows.

How long have you been playing:I have been playing for about 1 week, and i love it.I've been on non-stop

Why do you want to be a GM :I love helpin people when they need or want it.

Why should we accept you :You should accept me becasue I am dedicated to the game,As i stated before i love helpin people when they need it,even as a regular player i love helpin people,i don't know why,but its just fun.If i am choosen as a GM i wll show you how much i care about this game.I wiil do my best to help the new comming players,and if you could read my forums for the game i would be so happy,that's if you havee'nt read them.i do have faults but there not big,I sometimes get power hungry fo no reason,but that happen very rare now,Well there might some answers to questions i don't know,but i will try to answer it to the best of my abilites,i sometimes get out of character and do lose my cool,but i will never disrespect other Gm's,I only lose my cool if im being nag or bugged to much or to hard,but other than those I'm a well rounded guy.
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My G.m Application..Sess
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