Naruto Power Of A Kage 2:Return of the Kazekage

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 Tatami Gm App.

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PostSubject: Tatami Gm App.   Tatami Gm App. EmptyWed May 27, 2009 3:31 pm

BYOND Key: Tigerlee3/Real Noobs Sleep On Corners

In game name: *Eyes Of The Akatsuki*(Tatami)

How long I have been playing: For about 2 days now

Experience: I am a good iconner I have iconed for Bleach life and death * even though goons wont give me credit*
And if you log on that game it looks cool.I have been gm alot of times but I cannot recall the game names lol.

How can I contribute to the game: I can icon maybe map but im not a pro and I can attract players to the game

Times I can be on: on School days about 4-5 hours and on weekends as long as im needed * unless I work or somethin comes up*.

I don't know you why should I accept: Well I make a good gm who is nice to ALL players.I am not racist nor sexist and I do not give special treatment to players,friends, or even family.
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Tatami Gm App.
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